SPECIAL REPORT: Unpacking IP With Natasha Mohunlal & Associates IP Attorneys.

“Welcome to a groundbreaking Special Report on Intellectual Property, brought to you by WIGO NEWS in collaboration with the internationally acclaimed Natasha Mohunlal & Associates Intellectual Property Attorneys.
Natasha Mohunlal, the esteemed founder of this award-winning law firm based in Pretoria, South Africa, is at the forefront of intellectual property law.

With over 20 years of experience, Natasha Mohunlal is a force to be reckoned with, renowned for her expertise and exceptional achievements in protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights.”

Who is Natasha Mohunlal?
Natasha Mohunlal & Associates Intellectual Property Attorneys
Summary of the Trademark Process
Are you at risk of copyright infringement
Intellectual Piracy in Russia
Intellectual piracy in Russia
Artificial intelligence in the world of patenting
A season of sanctions
Shoosh it’s a trade secret
The Importance Of Trademarks In Franchising


“In this exclusive Special Report, we delve into the intricate world of intellectual property under the expert guidance of Natasha Mohunlal. With her wealth of knowledge and insight, we explore vital topics that demand deeper analysis. From copyright infringement risks to the implications of intellectual piracy in Russia, from the emergence of trademark protection in the metaverse world to the importance of trademarks in franchising, this report is a comprehensive journey into the realms of intellectual property like never before.”

Who is Natasha Mohunlal?

Meet Natasha Mohunlal, an exceptional individual who expertly balances entrepreneurship, motherhood, and social responsibility. As a married woman and proud mother of two,
Natasha seamlessly blends her personal and professional life, epitomizing the true essence of balance and fulfillment. But her story reaches far beyond the boundaries of conventional family life.

With an unwavering passion for making a positive impact, Natasha has carved her path as a thriving entrepreneur while embracing her deep sense of social responsibility. Her law firm, Natasha Mohunlal & Associates Intellectual Property Attorneys, was honored with the South African Intellectual Property Law Firm of the Year at the 2022 Middle East Africa (MEA) Business Awards. Additionally, Natasha herself was bestowed with the Women in IP Award 2022 at the Gorilla Virtual IP Conference held in Utah, USA on the 27th of July, 2022.

Natasha Mohunlal & Associates Intellectual Property Attorneys

  • Natasha Mohunlal & Associates Intellectual Property Attorneys has been recognized as the winner in the MEA Markets 2021 African Excellence Awards.
  • The company is a boutique law firm based in South Africa specializing in intellectual property law.
  • They are known for offering comprehensive and tailor-made solutions to their clients, which include individuals, small businesses, and multinational corporations.
  • The firm’s expertise covers various aspects of intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and designs.
  • Their client-focused approach and commitment to delivering results have earned them this prestigious award.
  • The firm’s founder, Natasha Mohunlal, has over 20 years of experience in the field of intellectual property law and is regarded as a leader in her industry.
  • The company’s dedication to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction sets them apart from its competitors.
  • Natasha Mohunlal & Associates Intellectual Property Attorneys continues to provide top-notch legal services to protect and enforce intellectual property rights in Africa.

Summary of the Trademark Process

When it comes to safeguarding your brand identity, trademark protection becomes paramount. A trademark serves as a distinct marker, differentiating your goods and services from others. Whether it’s a name, logo, word, or letter, your trademark must possess the ability to set you apart from competitors. Understanding the various types of trademark protection is crucial. From word marks that provide comprehensive coverage to device marks that shield your unique design elements, each form offers its own level of defense. It’s essential to grasp the significance of protecting your brand identity in this ever-evolving marketplace.

In the world of trademarks, knowing where you stand within different categories or classes is essential. South Africa’s Trademarks Register is divided into distinct classes, reflective of specific goods and services. Filing separate applications for each class of interest ensures your brand’s uniqueness remains secure. A meticulous approach is required to draft detailed trademark specifications tailored to your services. But before setting your journey in motion, a prudent step would be to conduct a thorough search at the South African Trademark Registry. Read the full article here.

Are you at Risk of Copyright Infringement

  • Understanding the basics of copyright law
  • Determining potential risks and consequences
  • Strategies for protecting copyrighted works. Read the full article on copy infringement here.

Trademark Protection in a Metaverse World

  • Examining the emerging concept of the metaverse and its impact on trademarks
  • Analyzing the challenges and potential infringements in the metaverse environment
  • Exploring strategies to protect trademarks and maintain brand integrity in virtual spaces
  • Evaluating the unique challenges and opportunities for trademark protection in the Metaverse.

Learn more about Metaverse World.

Intellectual Piracy in Russia

  • Uncovering the Landscape of intellectual property piracy in Russia
  • Discussing the legal framework and enforcement efforts against piracy
  • Identifying strategies to combat intellectual property infringement in the Russian market

Read the full article here

Artificial Intelligence in the World of Patenting

  • Exploring the Intersection of AI and patent law
  • Analyzing the challenges and opportunities AI presents in the patenting process
  • Examining the implications for inventors and businesses in an AI-driven world

Educate yourself further on AI. Full article here.

A Season of Sanctions

  • The impact of international sanctions on intellectual property rights
  • Case studies and examples highlighting the challenges faced
  • Mitigating risks and navigating legal complexities

Learn more about sanctions

Shoosh it’s a Trade Secret

  • Unveiling the concept of trade secrets and their significance
  • Recognizing different types of trade secrets in various industries
  • Safeguarding trade secrets through effective legal measures

Get the full story here

The Importance Of Trademarks In Franchising

  • Understanding the crucial role of trademarks in the franchising industry
  • Exploring the legal implications and risks associated with trademarks in franchising
  • Providing insights and best practices for leveraging trademarks to build successful franchises

Read the article on trademarks in franchising


In conclusion, this Special Report on Intellectual Property is a testament to the invaluable expertise and insights provided by Natasha Mohunlal and Associates Intellectual Property Attorneys.
Through an exploration of trademark protection, copyright infringement risks, the impact of the metaverse, intellectual piracy in Russia, AI in patenting, international sanctions, trade secrets, and trademarks in franchising, we have gained a deeper understanding of the intricate world of intellectual property.

Natasha Mohunlal’s impressive credentials and her firm’s dedication to excellence make them leaders in the field of intellectual property law. Their comprehensive and tailor-made solutions have earned them recognition and acclaim.

As we navigate an ever-evolving landscape of technology and innovation, it is paramount to prioritize the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights. The insights shared in this report serve as a guide for individuals, businesses, and creators to safeguard their valuable intellectual assets and navigate the complex legal landscape.

We extend our gratitude to Natasha Mohunlal and Associates Intellectual Property Attorneys for their invaluable contributions to this Special Report. Their commitment to protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights is commendable, and their expertise continues to make a significant impact in the field.

Finally, this report serves as a call to action – to be vigilant, informed, and proactive

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