Pule Family Celebrates Christmas and Mosidi Pule’s 60th Birthday!

The family of Pule came together this past festive season to celebrate a very special Christmas.

Bakwena, Bahlakwana, Batho ba phela disema

WIGO NEWS | Creamy delicious-sweet-pink cake. Photo by Thato Seaga
WIGO NEWS | Cutting of the cake by Mosidi Pule on her 60th birthday. Photo by Palesa Mohlala
WIGO NEWS | Cutting of the cake by Mosidi Pule on her
Photo by Thato Seaga

Not only was it the merry season, but it was also the 60th birthday of the family matriarch, Mosidi Pule. The family gathered from far and wide, in order to celebrate the occasion with the lady of the hour.

The Pule’s were delighted to be able to celebrate Mosidi’s 60th birthday in the best way possible—with a festive gathering of family and friends. It was an unforgettable celebration that will be cherished for years to come.

WIGO NEWS | Timeless moments, precious times.Photo by Palesa Mohlala
WIGO NEWS | 60th milestone jubilations.Photo by Palesa Mohlala

The family gave heartfelt messages about what her life meant to them. Young, old, and all friends of Mosidi shared stories of how her presence changed and shaped their lives.

WIGO NEWS | The birthday girl and her cake. Photo by Palesa Mohlala

There was a festive atmosphere in the air, with everyone in a jubilant mood. The meal was delicious, and the conversation was full of good cheer. As the day drew to a close, the family shared hugs and good wishes, wishing each other a happy Christmas, and a prosperous New Year.

The crowd was full of upbeat energy and contagious joy as everyone relished in the holiday festivities. As night began to settle in, they all hugged each other tightly with wishes for a merry Christmas and a fruitful New Year.

WIGO NEWS | Sisterly love- true bonds. Photo by Palesa Mohlala

As everyone took their seats, the atmosphere was filled with laughter and conversation. The family enjoyed their meals, sharing stories and memories of the house. The older family members reminisced about their childhood, while the younger ones were in awe of their elders. Everyone was in high spirits and the children were running around, playing, and enjoying the festive atmosphere.

WIGO NEWS | Food galore, indulge yourself. Photo by Thato Seaga
WIGO NEWS | Yummy-sweet-crunchy snacks. Photo by Thato Seaga

The end of the festive Christmas lunch and 60th birthday celebration of Mosidi Pule was a joyous occasion as the family came together to share love, joy, and happiness. Even though the birthday girl would have loved to party until the morning, the beautiful memories of the day and the love that was shared will live on forever. On this special occasion, Mosidi Pule’s life was celebrated and her birthday will be remembered fondly.

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